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Coralic, Edin

Edin Coralic is a Sales Engineer for Progressive Surface. Mr. Coralic has been working in the shot peening industry for over two decades. His years of customer service and support role at Progressive Surface enabled him to gain in-depth knowledge of the shot peening process, equipment and customer needs.

When Edin isn’t working, his hobbies include competitive 22LR bullseye pistol shooting and the pleasure of a glass of good red wine.

Hatfield, Scott

Winter2014Scott Hatfield is the U.S. Supply Chain Engineering Manager at Tornier Inc. located in Warsaw, Indiana. Scott is responsible for bringing new orthopedic products to commercial release and oversees the development and implementation of manufacturing processes to maintain proper product functionality as well as cost efficiency throughout the supply chain. Scott’s career in the Medical Device Industry spans over 20 year with 14 years at Medtronic, Inc. before joining Tornier Inc. in 2015.

Throughout his career, Scott has held various roles in the engineering, manufacturing, product development, and management disciplines. Due to his extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing process design and shot peen and abrasive finishing methodology and application, he established the first fully validated medical shot peening process in 2007. Mr. Hatfield is also an active member of the SAE Surface Enhancement Committee and is the sponsor of the new SAE specification (J3020) for shot peening of medical devices.

Due to his many contributions to the advancement of shot peening, Mr. Hatfield was named 2013 Shot Peener of the Year by The Shot Peener magazine.

Fuhr, Jochen

Jochen Fuhr is the Director of Sales and Marketing Europe and Asia for Metal Improvement Company (MIC),  a division of Curtiss-Jochen FuhrWright Surface Technologies.

Mr. Fuhr has joined MIC as a Technical Sales Manager in 1996. He left MIC to work as a Technical Sales Manager for different international machine tool building companies in Europe and Asia. In 2005, he rejoined

MIC as  a Division Manager. He became an Area Manager for three MIC production plants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The last two were divisions having facilitated under his responsibility.

Mr. Fuhr is a retired Captain from the German Air Force and holds a MSc degree in Aerospace and Aeronautics from the University of the Armed Forces in Munich, Germany.

Bailey, Pete

EIInstructorPrior to retirement, Peter Bailey was Staff Engineer, Advanced Manufacturing Process Development, Manufacturing and Quality Technology Department at General Electric Aircraft Engines, the last 12 years concentrating on shot peening. Mr. Bailey joined General Electric in July 1972. Prior to that time, he was involved in the development of dispersion-strengthened mill products with E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co., and then Fansteel, Inc. Prior to his DuPont and Fansteel experience, Mr. Bailey worked for the Linde Division of Union Carbide Corporation, primarily in the application of industrial gases to steel making. He has degrees in BS Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University, 1956, and MS Metallurgy, Stevens Institute of Technology, 1961.

Mr. Bailey was awarded The Shot Peener of the Year award in 1993.

Bandini, Michele

Michele Bandini is the General Manager of Peen Service in Bologna, Italy. He is in charge of shot peening technology transfer at Ipar Blast, an associate company of Peen Service in Spain. He is also a specialist of residual stress measurements in x-ray diffraction and offers his knowledge and experience to the design department of Peen Service’s customers and cooperates with them to solve their problems by shot peening. Mr. Bandini has been involved in several studies regarding shot blasting and shot peening surface treatments, and in particular the shot peening application and benefits when he was a R&D engineer at Norblast. He has been co-author of several thesis and technical papers concerning Shot Peening Process, Benefits and Application. Michele teaches at the Mechanical Engineering University of Bologna, Trento and Milan in Italy. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 1990.

Mr. Bandini is the recipient of the 2009 Shot Peener of the Year award from The Shot Peener Magazine.

Breuer, David

Dave Breuer is Director of Sales, North America with the Metal Improvement Company (MIC) and also supports the Milwaukee division’s sales staff. He started in 2007 as the Divisional Sales Manager for the Milwaukee MIC shot peening division. From 1999-2004, David was the Regional Sales Manager and was responsible for sales at seven MIC shot peening facilities. From 2004-2007, David worked with MIC’s Laser Peening group. promoting the process to all industries.

In 2002, Mr. Breuer completed “Shot Peening Applications – Eighth Edition” which is the most widely read book in the world on shot peening. In addition, he has authored and presented several papers on different subject matters related to shot peening. They have appeared in various technical publications and at various technical conferences. In 2007, David was the primary contributor to the American Gear Manufacturers Association’s (AGMA) document “AGMA 938-A05 Shot Peening of Gears”.

Prior to Metal Improvement Company, Mr. Breuer worked as a consultant in the power industry performing Finite Element Analysis on steam turbines. He graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1992 from the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Brauss, Michael

Brauss Michael Michael Brauss is the president of Proto Manufacturing. He has over 25 years experience in the research, design, development and application development of x-ray diffraction (XRD) systems. With over thirty publications and multiple patents, his inventions and developments include: automated residual stress mapping; iXRD portable stress analysis system, (world’s smallest and fastest system); iXRD combo systems; and LXRD laboratory stress system and gantry robot systems. Mr. Brauss also pioneered practical field usage of XRD stress analysis, in-line production applications and fully automated applications. He also serves on the ASTM E28.13 residual stress subcommittee.

Chevrie, Bryan

EIInstructorBryan Chevrie is a Product Engineer with Electronics Inc. (EI). In addition to the research and development of new products, Bryan provides product support and conducts classes in shot analysis and media masking at the EI Shot Peening Training seminars and workshops. Before his employment at EI, Bryan worked at K & R Electric as a Commercial/Industrial Electrician.

Bryan graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. He earned the rank of Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps Reserve during his six years of service.

Dickey, Dan

Dan Dickey

Dan Dickey is the owner of Innovative Peening Systems (IPS), a shot peen equipment manufacturing facility. He purchased the company in 2000 after managing the company since 1993. Mr. Dickey developed a developed a coating removal system for NASA’s flight hardware and the space shuttle’s solid rocket booster nozzles. In 2003, Innovative Peening Systems opened a shot peening job shop in Atlanta, Georgia. Dan graduated from Southwest Missouri State University Graduate School of Business in 1983.

Girman, Jeff

Jeff Girman has been the Sales Manager for Saint-Gobain Zirpro in North America for the past seven years and has been affiliated with the company for 14 years. He has worked in the surface treatment industry with experience in mass finishing, parts washing, abrasive blasting and shot peening since 1990. Mr. Girman received a B.A. from Indiana University in 1989.