FAA-Accepted Courses

The following courses are offered in every seminar and on-site training program. These classes will help students prepare for the appropriate exam. Aviation personnel enrolled in the FAA IA/AMT awards program and FAA auditors and inspectors may receive credit toward their yearly FAA training requirement by taking these classes and passing the exam.

Shot Peening Level 1
FAA Course: C-IND-IM-130813-K-006-001
Beginners – 8 hours credit

Shot Peening Level 2
FAA Course: C-IND-IM-130813-K-006-002
Advanced – 8 hours credit

Shot Peening Level 3
FAA Course: C-IND-IM-130813-K-006-003
Professional – 8 hours credit

Rotary Flap Peening
FAA Course: C-IND-IM-130813-K-006-005
Hands on training – 8 hours credit