Mashantucket, Connecticut
Shot Peening & Blast Cleaning Workshop

SeminarPageDate:  October 26 – 28, 2020
Location: Foxwoods Resort

The three-day seminar and workshop covers all aspects of shot peening and including techniques and applications. Our professional instructors will demonstrate what the process is, how to do it correctly, and how to inspect the completed process. An emphasis on equipment and its maintenance will be included as well as the selection and quality control of media.

Students have the opportunity to earn a shot peening achievement certificate.  Achievement exams for Shot Peening Levels 1, 2, and 3, and Rotary Flap Peening will be offered.

8/3/2020 NEWS: Things are beginning to look bleak for this years US Workshop, however I am committed to carry on, even if it’s for only a handful of people. Currently, people from only 14 states are allowed to travel to Connecticut without restrictions. Being based in Indiana, we are restricted. Because of this, I am setting our own deadline for restrictions to be lifted, so attendees have time to book economical travel and lodging. The fate of the 2020 US Workshop will be decided on, or about, September 14th. Please visit the EI SPT website, or Facebook page for updates.

7/22/20 NEWS: We are committed to carrying out the 2020 US Workshop on the dates planned. Foxwoods Resort is the sole authority on health and safety measures, but it’s likely they will follow recommendations outlined by the State of Connecticut and/or the US government.  If circumstances out of EI SPT’s control, result in the event being canceled, A FULL refund will be issued to students and exhibitors.