Training Topics

Core & FAA-Accepted Classes for Seminars and On-Site Training

The following courses are offered in every seminar and on-site training program. These classes will help students prepare for the exams. Aviation personnel enrolled in the FAA/AMT awards program and FAA auditors and inspectors may receive credit toward their yearly FAA training requirement by taking these classes and passing the related exam.

Shot Peening Classes
These classes are ideal for beginners

  • Introduction to Shot Peening
  • The Basics of Peening Media
  • Media Specifications
  • Intensity Defined
  • Determining Intensity
  • Saturation Curve Generation
  • Peening Applications
  • Peening Coverage

These classes are recommended for intermediate to advanced students

  • Media Inspection Procedures
  • Maintaining Media Quality
  • Influences on Intensity
  • Revealing Saturation Curves
  • Advanced Saturation Curve Generation
  • Peening Coverage Percentages
  • Part Masking Options
  • Audit Preparation

Rotary Flap Peening Classes

  • Introduction to Shot Peening
  • Intensity Defined
  • Determining Intensity
  • Saturation Curve Generation
  • Roto-Flapper Peening Applications
  • Adjustments Required for Rotary Flap Peening
  • Operator Technique
  • Equipment Requirements and Options
  • Flapper Peening Practice

Specialty Seminar Classes

The classes are listed by rate of occurence at our seminars. For example: “Peening Applications” is offered at most of our seminars while “Particle Analysis” will be available at only select locations.

  • Peening Applications (extended)
  • Peening Equipment Basics, Features and Advances
  • Wheel Machine Design and Setup
  • Wheel Blast Machine Maintenance and Problem Solving
  • Air Peening Machine Design and Setup
  • Air Peening Machine Preventive Maintenance and Problem Resolution
  • Nadcap Audit Preparation
  • Residual Stress Measurement
  • Laser Peening
  • Peening Techniques for Challenging Applications
  • Peening Process Characterization and Optimization
  • Automotive Industry Peening
  • Peening Parameters
  • Conversion Between Blast and Peening machines
  • Peen Forming
  • AMS-2431 Media Specifications
  • Cut Wire Shot
  • Dust Collectors
  • Corrective Peening of Fighter Aircraft Components
  • Intelligent Nozzle Motion
  • Carburized Gear Peening
  • SAE Spec Forum – Past, Present and Future
  • Ultrasonic Peening
  • Medical Implant Peening
  • Velocity Measurement / Intensity Verification
  • MagnaValve Applications for Air Blast Machines
  • MagnaValve Applications for Wheel Blast Machines
  • Nozzle Design and Applications for Air-Operated Blast Equipment
  • The Essentials of Blast Cleaning
  • SAE Media Specifications and Abrasive Media Selection
  • Blast Cleaning Applications
  • Almen Gage Calibration
  • Almen Gage R&R – Repeatability and Reproducibility
  • Ceramic Beads for Surface Treatment and Shot Peening
  • Sieving – Theory, Proactive and the Reality
  • Particle Analysis

Customized On-Site Training Topics

On-site training includes the Core Classes | FAA-Accepted Courses. On-site training can also be customized to address an organization’s specific needs including:

  • equipment and processes,
  • audit preparation,
  • specifications,
  • and more.