Seminar Benefits

  • Comprehensive shot peening training since 1991
  • Classroom instruction by industry experts
  • Ideal for engineers, machine operators, foremen, and supervisors
  • Opportunity to meet peers from around the world
  • Trade shows with the latest products and services
  • Cost-effective training for 1-5 employees
  • Attendees are eligible for Achievement Exam Program

On-Site Training Benefits

  • Customized training programs
  • Training on in-house equipment
  • Includes facility and equipment review
  • Efficient use of employees’ time—no travel time and less lost productivity
  • Cost-effective training for 5 or more employees
  • Training can be conducted at any time of year
  • Attendees are eligible for Achievement Exam Program

Three Reasons to Choose EI Shot Peening Training

EI Shot Peening Training – Curriculum
Our Curriculum
EI Shot Peening Training – Instructors
Our Instructors
EI Shot Peening Training – Achievement Exam Program
Our Achievement Exam Program