About Us

We’re the Pioneers in Shot Peening and Blast Cleaning Training
Electronics Inc. (EI) sponsored the first-ever annual Shot Peening and Blast Cleaning Workshop in 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia. From that time on, the shot peening industry became a more open, well-respected and productive community. EI Shot Peening Training now provides seminar and on-site instruction for military bases and companies worldwide. We also co-sponsor seminars with international shot peening organizations.

The First in FAA Training
In 2001, Jack Champaigne and Pete Bailey of Electronics Inc. launched their unique on-site training program for the FAA—it was the first program of its kind and it was developed specifically for the FAA. The program was so well received that EI applied for and received designation as the only FAA-accepted source for shot peening inspector training. Aviation personnel enrolled in the FAA/AMT (Aviation Maintenance Technician) awards program and FAA auditors and inspectors could now receive credit toward their yearly FAA training requirement by taking EI’s FAA-Accepted Courses and passing their Achievement Exam Program exams, either through EI’s workshops or on-site training programs.

About Electronics Inc.
Electronics Inc. manufactures products that improve the quality and control of the shot peening process including the MagnaValve media valve, controllers, Almen gages and strips. EI also publishes The Shot Peener magazine  and maintains the largest online resource for shot peening and blast cleaning in the world at www.shotpeener.com.