Toronto, Canada
Shot Peening & Rotary Flap Seminar


Shot Peening Seminar (2 day)
Date: May 6-7, 2019 – Registration: Open
Location: SpingHill Suites Toronto Vaughn
Language: English 

Our two-day training seminar will cover all aspects of shot peening techniques and applications. Professional instructors will explain what the process is, how to do it correctly and how to inspect the completed process. Students have the opportunity to earn an EI SPT achievement certificate upon completing an optional Achievement exam for Shot Peening Level 1 and 2.


Rotary Flap Peening Seminar (1 day)
Date: May 8, 2019 – Registration: Closed: Will open as needed.
Location: Spinghill Suites Toronto Vaughn
Language: English 

Our one-day seminar will teach technicians in the Rotary-Flap peening process with lectures and and practical testing as outlined in AMS2590. Students will earn an EI SPT certification upon passing the included Achievement exam.  This Seminar has a limited availability.