Canada – Vancouver

Shot Peening Seminar (2 days)

Date: June 23-24, 2021
Location: Vancouver, BC (Metrotown)
Language: English
Registration: CLOSED

The two-day training seminar covers all aspects of shot peening including techniques and applications. Our professional instructors will demonstrate what the process is, how to do it correctly and how to inspect the completed process.

Students seeking Certification have the opportunity to earn an Achievement Certificate for the peening process. Optional Achievement Exams for Shot Peening Levels 1, 2, 3 and Rotary Flap Peening will be available to all that qualify2.

1 This Seminar has been adjusted to enforce current pandemic protocols. The group size will be smaller due to social distancing requirements. We may acquire additional event space if the current number of available seats sell out early. We ask that you register early if you plan to attend. You may also let us know if you want to come, but are waiting for approval so we can factor your attendance into the required space.

2 Achievement exams are available only to registered students. Shot Peening Level certification 1 – 3 MUST be completed in order.