Bandini, Michele

Michele Bandini is the General Manager of Peen Service in Bologna, Italy. He is in charge of shot peening technology transfer at Ipar Blast, an associate company of Peen Service in Spain. He is also a specialist of residual stress measurements in x-ray diffraction and offers his knowledge and experience to the design department of Peen Service’s customers and cooperates with them to solve their problems by shot peening. Mr. Bandini has been involved in several studies regarding shot blasting and shot peening surface treatments, and in particular the shot peening application and benefits when he was a R&D engineer at Norblast. He has been co-author of several thesis and technical papers concerning Shot Peening Process, Benefits and Application. Michele teaches at the Mechanical Engineering University of Bologna, Trento and Milan in Italy. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 1990.

Mr. Bandini is the recipient of the 2009 Shot Peener of the Year award from The Shot Peener Magazine.