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Hennig, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Hennig is a specialist in shot peening applications and a member of the sentenso Strahlprozesstechnik team in Datteln, Germany. He has worked as a process engineer in several surface enhancement processes. After Wolfgang obtained a degree as Certified Mechanical Technician in 1990, he started working at Liebherr Aerospace. He moved to Rolls-Royce Deutschland in 1997. In his work for Rolls-Royce, Wolfgang implemented shot peening process chains in several Rolls-Royce sites around the globe.

In September 2019, he left Rolls-Royce Deutschland where he was the Global Process Owner for Shot Peening. He then joined sentenso Strahlprozesstechnik as a peening application specialist and training coordinator for Shot Peening Level 1 to Level 3, Flapper Peening and special applications.

Since 2005, he has also worked as an external shot peening trainer and he joined the ICSP in 2002 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Due to these activities, he has built a large network in the special process technology of shot peening. In addition, he owns several patents in the area of shot peening. Years of experience, expertise, and overall passion have contributed to Wolfgang’s success.

McClurg, Kelly

Kelly McClurg - 2019 Shot Peener of the YearKelly McClurg is a Metallurgical Engineer III in the Metallic Materials and Processes department at Bell Textron Inc. in Grand Prairie, Texas. This department controls many special processes including shot peening. She started her career with Avion Solutions, working with Ultrasonic Shot Peening on repair procedures for military helicopters and fixed-wing aviation. Her research with mini-Almen strips ultimately led to her position as a PhD candidate at the Clausthal University of Technology in Germany. Kelly’s dissertation focuses on the further qualification of Ultrasonic Shot Peening on aerospace-grade materials.

In addition to her responsibilities at Bell, Kelly has been an active member in the SAE Surface Enhancement Committee and Aerospace Surface Enhancement Committee since 2013. Kelly was the secretary for these committees from 2018-2019.

Due to Kelly’s contribution to the advancement of Ultrasonic Shot Peening and her work on the SAE committees, Kelly was named the 2019 Shot Peener of the Year by The Shot Peener magazine.

Kelly graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. She graduated with her master’s degree in Material Science and Engineering from the University of Texas in Arlington.

Chai, Adam

Adam Chai is the Assistant Managing Director of AdamChaiBlastwell, a specialist supplier of media/abrasives and CNC Shot Peening/Blasting equipment based in Asia. In addition, he has worked as a supplier and consultant in various aspects of shot peening for the aerospace industry since 2002. He has extensive knowledge in media, equipment specifications, process control and conformance.

Since 2008, Mr. Chai has worked with EI Shot Peening Training to organize shot peening seminars and lead classes in Singapore and China. He is bilingual in English, Chinese and several dialects. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore and Masters of Commerce and IT from the University of Sydney. He is also FAA certified for Level 3 Shot Peening.

Schneidau, Volker

Volker Schneidau, is the owner of sentenso GmbH, a growing company founded in 2009 for the supply of shot peening control technology such as MagnaValves and Almen equipment. In 2007, Volker Schneidau launched strahlportal, a German consulting firm for shot peening and blast cleaning processes. His work as a consultant is dedicated to these processes, but with an independent view on unique solutions. The consulting procedure includes acquisition of the user’s requirements, process development and operating costs in an effort to increase the company’s position in the industry. strahlportal has its own test center with airblast and wheelblast capabilities.

Mr. Schneidau is a mechanical engineer with more than 15 years of advanced work experience in shotblast and peening process technology. As the former wheelblast sales manager for WHEELABRATOR/SCHLICK in Germany, Mr. Schneidau has worked with controlled shot peening and blast cleaning applications in international markets.

Barkley, Dave

DaveBarkleyDave Barkley is the Director of EI Shot Peening Training for Electronics Inc. (EI). Mr. Barkley currently oversees all aspects of the seminars and on-site training sessions while continuing to conduct classes in fundamental and specialized peening processes.

He is an active member of the SAE Surface Enhancement Committee which maintains industry specifications for Shot Peening and Roto-Flapper Peening processes. He was the sponsor of SAE AMS2590A, Rotary Flap Peening of Metal Parts. Read more about Dave’s contribution to the spec revision here.

Dave Barkley is an FAA FAASTeam Representative specializing in shot peening education.

Mr. Barkley began working for Electronics Inc. in 1987 and his duties included regional training and product documentation. He left El to work as an Electrical Control Engineer for an associate company, but returned in 2003 to serve as a Product Engineer and Engineering Manager.

Mr. Barkley earned a degree in engineering from Purdue University’s School of Technology where he later taught as an adjunct professor in the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering departments.

Balan, Kumar

Kumar Balan - EI Shot Peening TrainingKumar Balan is a shot peening and blast cleaning technical specialist. He assists industry leaders, including Ervin Industries and Empire Abrasive Equipment, achieve business growth in North American and overseas markets. He is also an EI Shot Peening Training Lead Instructor at their international seminars and workshops. In the 25 plus years that Kumar has been in the surface preparation industry, he has worked for Wheelabrator Group, Blastworks and Pangborn Corporation. In addition, Kumar worked with a Canadian automation company, specializing in CNC fabrication machinery.

Mr. Balan has a Master of Business Administration degree from York University, Toronto, and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from his education in India.

Mr. Balan has published several technical papers on blast cleaning and shot peening and is a regular contributor to The Shot Peener magazine. His expertise is in centrifugal wheel type and air type blast cleaning and shot peening equipment. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences and training seminars worldwide. Mr. Balan’s contributions to the industry were recognized when he was named the 2006 The Shot Peener of the Year at the Electronics Inc. Shot Peening and Blast Cleaning Workshop.

Cammett, John

John Cammett

Dr. Cammett received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Metallurgical Engineering from Ohio State University and his PhD in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. A Registered Professional Engineer, he is a fellow of ASTM, past Chairman of Committee E-9 on Fatigue, past Chairman and life member of ASM International, and a member of the International Scientific Committee for Shot Peening. In recognition for his contributions to the advancement of shot peening, Dr. Cammett was honored as Shot Peener of the Year in 2006 at the 16th annual Shot Peening and Blast Cleaning Workshop.

Dr. Cammett’s Electronics Inc. seminar and on-site training classes are among the most popular and highly-rated training sessions in the EI Shot Peening Training program due to his expansive technical knowledge of shot peening and his practical experience. Students appreciate Dr. Cammett’s ability to address their questions and appreciate his accounts of real-life applications of the shot peening process.

Champaigne, Jack


Jack Champaigne is President of Electronics Incorporated (EI); a manufacturer of products that improve the quality and control of shot peening and blast cleaning processes including MagnaValves for air and wheel blast machines, flow controls, monitors, Almen gages and certified Almen test strips. Mr. Champaigne developed the MagnaValve, a magnetic media valve, and Electronics Inc. has 14 patents related to shot peening control technology.

In addition to marketing products used worldwide in the surface finishing industry, Mr. Champaigne is committed to education and the sharing of information. Electronics Inc. hosted the first Shot Peening and Blast Cleaning workshop in 1991 and continues to sponsor innovative workshops in North and South America, Asia, and Europe. EI provides on-site shot peening and testing programs and was the first training company to receive FAA recognition. Since 1986, EI has published The Shot Peener. Read in 86 countries, the magazine features technical articles, new applications for the shot peening process, and product and service profiles. In 1995, EI launched an extensive online library devoted to shot peening and blast cleaning and is now the largest single source for research papers and articles.

Mr. Champaigne has contributed to the advancement of shot peening throughout his career by volunteering his time to the International Committee on Shot Peening, the Surface Enhancement Division of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the Aerospace Metals Engineering Committee (AMEC) of the Aerospace Materials Division of the Society of Automotive Engineers. Mr. Champaign was appointed Chairman of the International Scientific Committee on Shot Peening (ISCSP) in 2014 and was the ISCSP Chairman and host of the Eleventh International Conference on Shot Peening in 2011. In 1996, he was Chairman of the Sixth International Conference on Shot Peening held in San Francisco, California. He currently holds the position of Committee Chairman of the Surface Enhancement Division of SAE. In January 2008, Mr. Champaigne founded a new shot peening sub-committee of AMEC and, as Chairman, is presiding over a group of international industry leaders in the pursuit of updating and creating specifications that will be useful to today’s shot peening industries. Mr. Champaigne graduated from Purdue University with a BSEEdegree in 1968 and has worked in the shot peening industry since the inception of Electronics Incorporated in 1974.


De La Garza, Jesús


Jesús de La Garza’s extensive experience in blasting equipment and management prompted him to start Equipos de Abrasión in 1991 with the purpose of selling spare parts and abrasive backed by quality service. Mr. de la Garza graduated as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer at the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico. He then joined Texaco in 1968 as an engineer in lubrication systems. Mr. de La Garza has been involved in blast cleaning industry since 1976 when he was hired by Wheelabrator de Mexico as a sales engineer.

In 1997, after being appointed an Electronics, Inc. distributor for Mexico, Mr. de La Garza expanded his knowledge in technology, products, standards and procedures related to the shot peening process. He successfully completed Shot Peening Levels 1 and 2 and is now a speaker at the annual EI Shot Peening Training seminars in Mexico. Mr. de La Garza and Equipos de Abrasión have worked closely with EI Shot Peening Training to make the Mexico seminars successful.

González, Francisco

Francisco González finished his studies in Mechanical Engineering at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México in 1984. His first work experience was as material handling equipment designer and chief of engineering. In 1987, Mr. González joined Wheelabrator de Mexico as sales representative for shot blast equipment. Later he worked in sales for John Deere and Caterpillar construction equipment before joining Equipos de Abrasión in 2000 as the Sales Manager. His responsibilities include industrial washers, and shot blast and air blast equipment, focusing mainly on shot peening machines and supplies.

Mr. González has attended every EI U.S. Shot Peening annual workshop and was certified on Shot Peening Level 2 and Rotary Flap Peening at the Mexico annual workshop.