Barkley, Dave

DaveBarkleyDave Barkley is the Director of EI Shot Peening Training for Electronics Inc. (EI). Mr. Barkley currently oversees all aspects of the seminars and on-site training sessions while continuing to conduct classes in fundamental and specialized peening processes.

He is an active member of the SAE Surface Enhancement Committee which maintains industry specifications for Shot Peening and Roto-Flapper Peening processes. He was the sponsor of SAE AMS2590A, Rotary Flap Peening of Metal Parts. Read more about Dave’s contribution to the spec revision here.

Dave Barkley is an FAA FAASTeam Representative specializing in shot peening education.

Mr. Barkley began working for Electronics Inc. in 1987 and his duties included regional training and product documentation. He left El to work as an Electrical Control Engineer for an associate company, but returned in 2003 to serve as a Product Engineer and Engineering Manager.

Mr. Barkley earned a degree in engineering from Purdue University’s School of Technology where he later taught as an adjunct professor in the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering departments.