I would like to say the training is going quite well. The instructors and training materials are incredibly helpful. I'm confident that this course will be of great value to my company and to me on a personal level.
Quality Manager
Metal processing company serving semiconductor, electronics, medical device and aerospace industries
Just a quick note to say “Thank you” for a well-organized SP training session.
Senior Corporate Manager of Process Improvements
Shot peening facility
I went through internal rotary flap peening training at my former employer. It wasn’t as thorough as your training and left me with a few unanswered questions. You answered those questions and went beyond.
Aviation Maintenance Technician
FAA Repair Facility
I thought the US workshop was a productive and well-run event and it was heartwarming to chat with my friends.
Pete Bailey
Staff Engineer / General Electric Aircraft Engines (retired)
I had a great time at the Indianapolis workshop as evidenced by how fast the week went by. It’s always a pleasure to see old friends and make new ones.
Walter Beach
Vice President / Peening Technologies
First and foremost, that was probably one of the best “Professional Training” conferences I have attended. I was very impressed with the content of the classes, and the setup/scheduling of the classes. I walked into the training with some understanding of the peening process and walked out with a much better understanding. I even got quite a bit out of the more advanced breakout sessions that I sat in on as well.
Ben Lesire
Process Engineer / Paulo Products Company
It was a real pleasure to participate in your training. This was the best training in this kind I have ever participated. All aspects of the event were great. Organization of the training, the way of presenting the substantive content, the possibility of establishing contacts with people from the industry and general atmosphere. Priceless.
Materials Engineer
International Aerospace OEM (Poland Division)
I wanted to take the time to formally thank you for hosting me at your facility last week. I genuinely enjoyed my time with you and the rest of the EI engineering team that attended class. The training was VERY informative, and will have a positive impact on me and Mingo Aerospace for years to come. You not only met (and exceeded) my expectations/goals for level 1 & 2 training, but also opened my eyes to an entirely new (to me) wide array of peening technologies that we were unaware of in our industry.
Nate Tyler
Manager/Engineer - Process Facilities / Mingo Aerospace
The course is very detailed and flexible in that it allows anyone to start and stop at a comfortable level and continue on to get to level 3 shot peening. Found you've corralled very knowledge people with a lot of depth in shot peen machinery and shot peen process. Kumar [Balan] and you [Dave Barkley] backfilled [sic] other presentations to reinforce different points and that helps all to understand information. Not greatly commercial, but enough to help people find answers. Good humour and mood at the meeting that definitely helps everyone relax and learn. Only thing that could be added would be a site visit to demo a process and that may help for people not exposed to a full range of shot peening applications and parts.
Technical Service Manager
shot peening job shop
The shot peening course was excellent and I will be recommending it to my colleagues. Thanks to Dave and his team for the great discussions and content.
Materials and Processing Engineer
aerospace and defense supplier
The training was very good; professionally addressed; organized and motivated. It was more than I expected. I learned a lot. Thank you again.
Student at US Shot Peening Training Seminar
International OEM
The 2019 U.S. Workshop was truly remarkable. Some of the students, though first timers, were far more advanced than normally encountered. This led to some interesting questions and a overall productive session for all. It was a pleasure, as always, to be part of the instructor team - always a learning experience for me too.
Kumar Balan
Lead Instructor / EI Shot Peening Training
I agree with Kumar Balan regarding the 2019 U.S. Workshop. The workshop was remarkable. I wish there was a way to get the students to approach us more frequently about issues, especially for the exam. There were a number of times when I was approached with process questions that were really interesting. I learned a few things myself!
Jeff Derda
Lead Instructor / EI Shot Peening Training
Well, my latest electronic issue of Shotpeener arrived and it was packed full of knowledge as always! I just wanted to take a minute to recognize the fantastic work you continue to do. I think I was our first engineer to take your seminar but not our last (we first met at a Shotpeening Workshop about 15 years ago). The things that we've learned and connections we've made through you continues to improve and maintain our work every day. Almost all of our product is blasted, honed, or peened. We are probably the largest consumer of steel grit in our region. Much of our work has been directly impacted (pun intended) by you, Electronics Inc, and Shotpeener. Thanks for all you do, and keep up the good work!”
international tool manufacturer
I wanted to thank you again for putting on the seminar in Irvine last year. I was able to get a better understanding of the process and how to plot a saturation curve. Because of what I learned we were able to bring our process and training up to date, and is more aligned with the AMS spec.
Technical Crew Leader
U.S. Airline Carrier
I wanted to extend a gracious thank you for hosting the Shot Peening Training Seminar in Orlando, Florida last week. I never thought I could learn so much information in three days. It will really help my company out in getting our shot peening process started and underway.
Quality Engineer
precision machine parts manufacturer
I learned several things that will help me. Also learned that there are areas I really need to work on.
Shot Peening Technician
shot peening job shop specializing in aerospace
The class was very informative. I felt as if I was able to learn valuable info, and our instructor made it easy to understand.
Shot Peening Technician
shot peening job shop specializing in aerospace
Very informative in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
rotary-flap peening workshop
Just a quick email on the shot peening course I attended in Toronto. The course is a must for anyone in the shot blast industry whether just blasting or peening parts. Jack (Champaigne) made the course very understandable and was very straightforward and to the point when answering all questions in a manner that we could understand. The guest speakers added some very knowledgeable information for anyone looking at the special equipment that is required to carry out the different shot peening applications. Again thanks for the excellent course and highly recommended to anyone in the manufacturing of stress-related parts.
Machine Technician
Canadian metal finishing services company
Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for the workshop in New Mexico. You will always learn something different at every workshop you attend, I really picked up a lot this year. My first one was in 2006 in Phoenix, really enjoyed that one, too. I'm working with my people now showing them a few things I picked up this year. I made a comment on my exam about the Almen strip holder that I keep to show operators what a complete worn out strip holder looks like. If you guys would like to have it for a show and tell at any of your workshops, let me know. Once again, thanks.
Shot Peening Technician
U.S. turbine blade manufacturer
A very good presentation. Enjoyed Dave's (Instructor Dave Barkley) sense of humor, made me feel at ease from the onset of the course.
rotary-flap peening workshop
Our company will be making quality improvements as a result of this training.
Technical Specialist
engine OEM
The course was very informative to one that had not been exposed to any level of Shot peening let alone Flapper Peening. I commend you and your organization with the overall workshop; keep up the good work! I would have NO reservations in recommending this course to others in my field—aviation.
Field Service Engineer
U.S. helicopter manufacturer
Thank you for your dedication to the students. All of our guys really enjoy these seminars. They come back to work very excited about what they have learned and are always eager to incorporate that knowledge into [our] Shot Peen department.