Main Event
2 Day Shot Peening Seminar
Date: Unknown2

$6901 Attendance Fee

Included: Admission to both days of the seminar/workshop,
Reference Book and Break Refreshments.

Not included: Certification/Achievement Exams, Lunch, Transportation, Lodging, Parking, and other meals.

$1501 Exam Fee

EI SPT Certification is available at this event in Shot Peening Level 1, Shot Peening Level 2 and Shot Peening Level 3. Each of these optional certifications require the attendee to pass the corresponding Achievement Exam . The price shown is per exam, and Shot Peening Level 1-3 certification MUST be completed in order.

1 All prices shown are in SGD, do not include 7% GST, and billed via LTH Machinery (our local training partner).  EI SPT reserves the right to change SGD fees in case of drastic fluctuations in exchange rates. Non-Singapore based companies are billed via EI in the USD equivalent at time of registration.

2 Singapore must open its borders to the USA before we can schedule an event there. Please contact LTH Machinery Pte. Ltd. to acknowledge interest and get notified when we set a date.

EI SPT reserves the right to reject any registration that may conflict with event guidelines.