Dave Barkley and Kumar Balan of EI Shot Peening Training

Singapore Shot Peening Seminar

Capri by Fraser Changi City – The Pod 2
TBD, 2022

Shot Peening Seminar Day 1

Start Description
08:00 Check-in Pre-registered attendees should arrive during this time to sign in and collect reference materials (30 min)
08:30 Seminar Opening and Introduction to Shot Peening by EI SPT as part of FAA course material. This entry level class discusses the history and fundamentals of the peening process that we know today as terms used in the industry are introduced and explained. This session also defines when the peening process should be performed. (30 min)
09:00 Peening Media by EI SPT as part of FAA course material. The media is the real tool of the peening process. This session gives an overview of the four types of media commonly used in peening and their attributes. This class also briefly discusses what to look for when selecting the right media for your application. (40 min)
09:40 Intensity Basics & Calculation by EI SPT as part of FAA course material. This class will introduce the concept of peening intensity and how it is measured using Almen strips, holders and gages. The saturation curve and the 10% rule are explained and guidelines for new set-ups and verification trials for peening intensity are discussed. (60 min)
10:40 Break (20 min)
11:00 Peening Coverage and Masking by EI SPT as part of FAA course material. This session outlines Coverage requirements for the peening process. We discuss why Coverage is important and how to inspect for proper Coverage. A brief outline of part masking options will also be discussed. (60 min)
12:00 LUNCH – Buffet style in hotel restaurant (60 min)
13:00 Saturation Curve Practice 1-3 by EI SPT as part of FAA course material. This session explores simplified saturation curves as workshop attendees are asked to plot arc height data in order to determine intensity. Calculation device required 30 min)
13:30 Machine Basics & Process Optimization by by Ervin Industries. In our discussions, we will start with defining the basics of an airblast machine including design criteria for cabinets, reclaim and ventilation arrangements, dust collectors and controls. As a natural progression, we will talk about optimizing your process in terms of critical process parameters such as air pressure, media flow rate etc. Our discussions will then lead to operating costs of a blast machine, its calculation. You will be introduced to wheel blast machines as well in this discussion with hints on when each type of equipment is preferred. (40 min)
14:10 Break (20 min)
15:00 Critical differences between Peening and Cleaning by Ervin Industries. Though seemingly similar, the two processes have distinct contrasts. Don’t get caught into ‘well-established’ methods and ‘we’ve always done it this way’ paradigms. Let’s learn together and educate those around us as well. You may even have a cleaning process at your facility that our discussion will help you optimize. (30 min)
15:30 Rotary-Flap Peening Introduction by EI SPT. This presentation is and introduction to Rotary-Flap Peening (REP) which has become a reliable method to perform the peening process over small areas where damage repair or corrosion removal has left tensile stress on the part surface. The process is clean, extremely portable, and allows parts to be peened while assembled. Those seeking RFP certification must attend this Introduction presentation and the Technical lecture before moving on to the required written and practical testing. (30 min)
16:00 Study Break / Dismissal (15 min)
16:15 Level 1 Written Exams (45min)

Singapore students generate saturation curves

Shot Peening Seminar Day 2

Start Description
08:30 Media Inspection and Maintenance by EI SPT as part of FAA course material. Using the correct media and maintaining its quality is a must for a consistent process. This session discusses different media specifications and their requirements. Examples of both shape and size inspection are reviewed and on-machine devices that help meet specifications and maintain media quality are also examined. (50 min)
09:20 Advanced Intensity – Parameter Adjustments by EI SPT as part of FAA course material. This session looks at how other peening parameters can affect the intensity results in your process. Changes in the media and machine condition can cause undesired results. (50 min)
10:10 Break (20 min)
10:30 Advanced Saturation Curve Practice 4-8 by EI SPT as part of FAA course material. This hands-on practical asks students to produce slightly more challenging saturation curves and determine an intensity value. This session also invokes the thought that the saturation curve can be more than just a means to determine an intensity value. Calculation device required (40 min)
11:10 Advanced Coverage and Lean Peening by EI SPT as part of FAA course material. For the process engineer, this session discusses how to determine part processing time to insure proper coverage while avoiding peening parts for too long. Solutions for hard to peen locations are also discussed. (50 min)
12:00 LUNCH – Buffet style in hotel restaurant (60 min)
13:00 Audit Preparation and Practical Media Inspection by EI SPT. Participants will examine media for size and shape spec conformance. Time will also be spent discussing audit preparation from an actual audit survivor. (60 min)
14:00 Procedures & Processes by EI SPT. For process engineers and managers, this session will; outline and discuss the standard peening procedure, review J443’s allowance for efficiently verifying intensity of test fixtures with multiple Almen test strip locations, explain how residual stress curves are generated and what they tell us, discuss optional secondary processes that further improve fatigue life, and speculate on the requirements of an upcoming SAE manual peening specification and why it’s important. (50 min)
14:50 Case Studies – Applying Peening Theory by EI SPT. Bring all your theoretical knowledge and practical experiences to this highly interactive interchange based on at least two real-life case studies. The two cases will be presented to the audience, followed by a discussion of available data and development of a solution. The suitable machine type will then evolve from the discussions. These case studies will also help you understand how a process specification is developed and the manner in which it differs from a general peening specification. (40 min)
15:10 Study Break / Dismissal – (20 min)
15:30 Level 2 / 3 – Written Exams (60 min L2 / 90 min L3)
Instructors scheduled for the Shot Peening Seminar are:
Tentative Schedule: Topics are subject to change

Dave Barkley of EI SPT demonstrates Rotary Flap Peening

Rotary-Flap Peening