2 Day Shot Peening Seminar
January 22-23, 2020

$7301 Attendance Fee

Included: Attendance to both days of the seminar/workshop,
Reference Book and Break Refreshments.

Not included: Certification/Achievement Exams, Transportation, Lodging, Parking, and Meals.

$1101 Exam Fee

EI SPT Certification is available at this event in Shot Peening Levels 1 – 3 and Rotary Flap Peening*. Each of these optional certifications require the attendee to pass the corresponding Achievement Exam. The price shown is per exam.

Shot Peening Level 1 – 3 certification MUST be completed in order.

*Rotary Flap Peening (RFP) Certification requires practical training/testing per AMS-2590. There are a limited number of practical training/testing seats during the 2 day Peening Seminar and are a first come basis. Please check the Agenda for current status. When these sessions are full, the RFP training/practical will take place on a third day, January 24th. Those still wishing to complete the RFP practical training/testing must register for the 2 day Peening Seminar and select “Will Attend” the “Rotary Flap Peening Practical Exam on Jan 24th” to acknowledge attendees will need to stay for the morning of a third day.

1 All prices shown are in USD. Companies are billed via Electronics Inc. Payment of any applicable taxes are the responsibility of the registering company. EI SPT reserves the right to change fees up until registration in case of drastic fluctuations in exchange rates.

EI SPT reserves the right to reject any registration that may conflict with event guidelines.