On-Site Rotary Flap Peening

Rotary Flap Peening Training/Certification can be conducted in a single1 day at a customer’s facility. This private on-site training contains the same FAA-Accepted Course Material given at our popular Seminars and Workshops around the world. The lecture based training is based on, but not limited to, SAE specification AMS2590, and its supporting SAE specs. Proprietary corporate specifications and/or job instructions may also be discussed if provided by the customer.

Rotary Flap Peening up close

Training Outline

EI SPT’s training programs are accepted by the FAA as special process courses for the aviation/aerospace industry. The Rotary Flap Peening course (#C-IND-IM-130813-K-006-005) includes an EI SPT Achievement Exam to comply with FAA requirements. Practical training/testing is also included as required in SAE’s AMS2590 specification. Each student receives a bound reference book of the pertinent EI SPT material2 presented during the training.

Explore All Equipment Options

If you have not acquired tools for the process, or question the ability of existing tools, our training includes all possible rotary-tool options and accessories. These will range from simple die-grinders with tachometers or stroboscopes to high-end closed-loop tools. The instructor will bring equipment to conduct the practical training/testing. We do encourage company equipment to be available1 for evaluation and use.

Training Cost

One-day Rotary Flap Peening training has a base price of $3,600 USD. This price includes having up to 5 students taking part in the training. Additional students can be added at the rate of $500 USD each.

Instructor(s) travel and lodging expenses are not included in the training’s base price. A quote must be generated for each on-site training, since travel distance, travel dates and location expense vary per location. Large groups or training circumstances may require additional training days1 and/or instructors.

1SAE specification requires a practical session for each student, thus the number of training days is dependent on the number of students in the group and available equipment.  2Digital distribution and/or recording of EI SPT material, in any format, is not permitted.