I’Anson, Ken

Ken I'AnsonKen I’Anson is a Sales Engineer for Progressive Surface. Mr. I’Anson has been involved in the shot peening industry from the equipment side for 36 years. He has held positions with Wheelabrator Corporation, Blast Cleaning Products (BCP), Blastworks Inc., and US Filter. His experience is unique in that it has covered both centrifugal wheel peening and compressed air nozzle peening. Mr. I’Anson’s present focus is on airframe and land-based turbine shot peening applications.

Mr. I’Anson has contributed many articles and papers for EI Shot Peening Training manuals and has attended the workshops since their inception in 1991. He has successfully completed all three shot peening certification levels in the EI Shot Peening Training Achievement Exam Program. Mr. I’Anson was awarded the 2007 Shot Peener of the Year award for his contributions to the shot peening industry. When Mr. I’Anson isn’t working, his hobbies include yacht racing and collecting Pinot Noir wines.